Let’s face it, children, especially girls, are under a lot more pressure and stress than when we were kids. 
Girls face huge social pressure to fit in, be accepted, as well as, pressures to be thin, pretty, and popular.  We see it daily, and no matter how hard we try to encourage, assure, and compliment our young girls, it must come from with in.
Research has shown, overwhelmingly, that the bond between girls and horses, has a huge effect on their lives, and has made a huge impact in the following areas: 
 Increased : 
    Self - Esteem
   Sense of Responsibility
   Work Ethic    
According to the many years of research, of  Dr. William Glasser,  our behavior is driven; positive or negative, by 5 basic needs.  Survival, Love, Power, Belonging, and Fun.  The behaviors chosen by  us, are driven by these needs, and we, as parents, educators, and leaders, can foster environments to allow children to make positive choices to fulfill these needs.
We at Shenanigans Farm, understand this, and  as a former educator, trained in William Glasser's Choice Theory, as well as a professional horse trainer, and a riding school owner, also see the absolute value in involving girls with horses at some level.
As a riding school owner, I have been able to observe, first hand, the benefits that being involved in horses, has brought to so many girls. Girls who are hanging out at the farm, socializing with other kids, taking care of a helpless animal, achieving riding goals, and being a part of a group with a common interest, are all fulfilling their needs in a positive, nurturing environment.
At Shenanigans Farm, we provide an environment that drives kids, especially young girls, to fulfill their needs in a healthy, positive way, and also gives them the best memories of their lives. 
Our summer horse program, is the perfect place to start.   We provide 1 week programs, where girls are involved in activities that have proven to guide our young girls in a positive direction in their lives.
Our program will cover many aspects of horsemanship and relate these, and other fun  activities to everyday  life, and teach them how to include horses in their quest to fulfill  their needs in life.
2012 Dates:
June 18-22
July 9-13
August 13-17
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